Coordinator: Lord Hjalmr Njalsson



10:00-11:00 Working With Lathe Tools
11:00-12:00 Accessibility in the SCA
12:00-1:00 Identifying and Addressing Cultural Appropriation
1:00-2:00 Field Guide to the SCA
2:00-3:00 The Draken, A Modern Viking Ship
3:00-4:00 The Peerage Process (Pulling back the curtain)
4:00-5:00 Comics for Kings: The Medieval Origins of Comic Books


10:00-12:00 Basic Stitches
12:00-2:00 Minister of Arts and Science Class
2:00-3:00 Asian Stab-binding
3:00-5:00 Midlands Exchequer Doomsday Review and Assistance


Accessibility in the SCA
Lady Elisabeta Fischer
A discussion on how to make your event more accessible

Asian Stab-binding
Lord Akiyama Kazuhiko
A beginner’s class in learning to craft Chinese and Japanese style exposed stab-binding books, while discussing the history of and differences from Western styles of book-binding

Basic Stitches
Mistress Jadwiga
Would you like to learn some basic embroidery stitches and how to use them? Look no further! Come learn some what some of the basic stitches are and how do to them.

Comics for Kings: The Medieval Origins of Comic Books
Balthazar the Painter
What do Stan Lee, King Edward the Confessor, Batman, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have in common? Come find out the answer in this discussion of how comic books evolved from the end of the Dark ages through the Renaissance.

The Draken, A Modern Viking Ship
Taught by Lady Debruska Jakksdottir
The Draken Harald Hårfagre is the largest Viking ship built in modern times. It was built in 2010 based on research of 7th to 9th century Viking Ships. In 2016, she sailed across the Atlantic and ended up in Mystic, CT. Learn about how the ship was built, sailed across the Atlantic, and what new adventures await her.

Field Guide to the SCA
Mestressa Alzbeta Michalik
During the first half of this class we will discuss the sumptuary customs of the SCA and Middle Kingdom (what the fancy hats and belts mean.) The second half of the class we will out out on “safari”, identifying different examples of the various ranks and learning just what it means to hold those ranks.

Midlands Exchequer Doomsday Review and Assistance
Lady Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm
Domesday is rapidly approaching for our exchequers. Bring your books and have the Midlands Regional Exchequer review them before they need to be submitted.

Minister of Arts and Science Class
Maistreacht Una Wynifreed Berry
This class will explain how to become a Minister of Arts and Sciences, change over officers, and complete your reports. We will review requirements to be Minister of Arts and Sciences. It will also include venues available to display, get feedback, learn or compete in the Arts and Sciences in the Middle Kingdom. How to encourage Arts & Sciences in your group and events will also be discussed. There will be a handout of resources and where to find information regarding Arts and Sciences. There will be information about Arts & Science society level opportunities. Attendance is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences, but anyone may attend.

The Peerage Process (Pulling back the curtain)
Count William of Fairhaven, KSCA, OP, Baron of the Court
A look at what Peerage is in the Middle Kingdom, how it works, duties, polling and politics – a day in the life of a Peer. Q&A included – not taboo subjects.

Identifying and Addressing Cultural Appropriation
Lady Astrid Zahra Ymirsdottir
In this class, we’ll identify the differences between problematic cultural appropriation, and cultural assimilation, appreciation, or exchange. We’ll talk about why cultural appropriation is harmful, in both a modern and SCA context, and explore some ways of self-evaluating and addressing our own behavior to avoid it. There will also be a discussion portion, so please bring your questions and we can explore them as a group.

Working With Lathe Tools
Lady Sarah of Sternfeld
In this class, you will learn the basics of working with a lathe and the tools. After a demonstration of the basics, you will have the chance to try it out yourself, and see what you create!