Heavy Combat

Heavy Marshal-in-Charge: Sgt. Gareth Bloodworth

9:00 AM Heavy Lists Open
10:00 AM Novice Tourney Begins
11:00 AM Great Weapons Tourney Begins
12:00 PM Lunch / Pick-ups
1:00 PM Prowess Bearpit Tourney Begins
4:00 PM Prowess Bearpit Tourney
Tournaments Rules

Novice – Any fighter that has 5 or less years fighting and has not won a Heavy weapons tournament or a fighting award.

Great Weapon – Double elimination Atlantian Speed tournament. Any great weapon 6 Ft. and under is allowed in this tournament.

Prowess Bearpit

  • Based on Heavy Fighting award(s)
    • Novice
    • Red Company (Sargent and Captain)
    • Knight
  • Fight 1 pass; winner gets point(s)
  • Defeated fighter holds the field until they are victorious, or they have fought 5 fights (water breaks are important)
  • If you defeat the following you get X points:
    • Lower rank = 1 point
    • Equal rank = 1 point
    • Higher Rank = 2 points
  • The fighter from EACH track with the most points wins a prize!

Idea behind this tournament is to show your honorable prowess and help improve others.