Laurel Prize Tourney

Laurel Prize Tourney and Craftpersons’ Faire

Coordinator: Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza

Setup starts at 10am
Laurel viewing and judging from 12:30pm to 2:30pm
Pick up all Craftspersons’ Faire entries by 4pm

How do I enter? Send a message to Baroness Gianetta, OL, OP (address below) before the event, letting her know how much space you need. We will be happy to have people show up on the day of the event to display as well, but providing advance notice ensures that we’ll have enough space for you.

What may I enter? You can bring finished works or works in progress. You can bring one thing, a whole display, or a body of work to show off. You can bring documentation or not. This is an open-ended faire for you to display the work you’re proud of!

Laurel Prize Tourney

Laurels will sponsor specific challenges and award prizes for those who fulfill their challenges. Laurels may also give prizes for general excellence that they see. We will also have an event-based prize. Pending approval of whatever dignitaries are holding court, we will call up the winners to receive their prizes in Court as well, so all can witness your achievements. The list of challenges and prizes is below. We will add to it as more challenges arrive. Laurels – contact Gianetta (address below) if you want to offer a challenge and prize!

Send all questions to Gianetta at


Best use of Crossroads as a theme. Sponsored by the event staff. Share your work that embodies a meeting of two different people or places. Prize is this lovely plate created by THL Oswyn of Badon (car seat not included!).

Best educational demonstration. Sponsored by Mistress Gianetta. Demonstrate a period technique or something you’ve been researching, and teach us through your display. Prize – a gift of materials to further your studies, to be decided together!

Accessories Make The Outfit. Sponsored by Mistress Sarafina. Accessories are what helps turn a costume into clothing. To that end, I am sponsoring a prize for the best historically accurate clothing accessory from a Non-Western European Culture. Prize will be a basket of supplies.

Best Early Period Entry. Sponsored by Master Gunnarr Alfljot.   The entry may be of any medium, from any culture known to pre- 800 C.E. Europe.  Brief documentation required, including place, date, medium of any originals, and a brief description.

Best Interpretation of a Medieval Dish. Sponsored by Mistress Helewyse.  Please provide your sources.  Prize is a flameware cooking pot.

Best Use of Sumptuary Laws. Sponsored by Mistress Cerridwen.  Prize will be a silver dragon signet ring.

Historical Combat Research and Interpretation. Sponsored by the Historical Combat Laurels – Masters Christian, Philippe, Patrick, Terrance, and Logos.  The prize will be a gift certificate for Darkwood Armory.

Best use of Dairy Product any media. Sponsored by Mistress Waldetrudis.