Arts and Sciences

We have lots of exciting things planned for Kingdom 12th Night and Festival of Maidens: Classes, a new feature called SCAiri Talks (SCA TED Talks), a Laurel Prize Tourney, and a Craftpersons’ Faire!

In addition to the listed activities, the newly formed Midrealm Embroidery Guild will be having a meeting from 10 AM to Noon on the SCAiri Talk stage in the Cafeteria/Dining Hall. They invite any and all who are interested to attend!

Interested in participating? Contact the folks or check the pages listed below for more information!


Coordinator: Lord Hjalmr Njalsson

SCAiri Talks

Coordinator: THL Reyni-Hrefna

Laurel Prize Tourney and Craftpersons’ Faire

Coordinator: Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza