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GateGoat is coming!

This year, Kingdom 12th Night & Festival of Maidens will be using GateGoat to help you get through the check-in process as quickly and painlessly as possible! Here’s how it works:

1. Go online to www.GateGoat.com and select the 12th Night event. You can do this before the event or while you’re waiting in line.
2. Enter your information. Note that GateGoat is only available to individual, paid members at this time.
3. You’ll receive the total amount that you need to pay along with a confirmation number.
4. Give your confirmation number to the GateGoat volunteer, show you blue card and pay as normal.
5. You’re done!

Please note that GateGoat is NOT an e-payment application. It only streamlines the registration process. You will pay at the Gate as normal with cash or check. This means that feast seats can only be guaranteed by pre-registering in the traditional manner or paying at the door.

GateGoat.com registration for Kingdom 12th Night and Festival of Maidens is open now. You can register at any time, even while you’re waiting in line! Don’t forget, if you choose to register now, you must save or remember your confirmation number. That number is the only way the Gate can access your registration!

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