5 Weeks (Help Wanted)

Hey, Midrealm!

We’re roughly 5 weeks out from Kingdom Dragonshire 12th Night and Festival of Maidens and we could use your help!

We are looking for help in several different areas at the event:
Unloading/Porter — Work with Baron Andreas to assist those who need it with unloading their items at the start of the event.
Retaining — Walk around with members of the Royal Family, often assisting them with small tasks as they go about their day. This also provides an excellent opportunity to get to know our Crown and Heirs!
Herald — In 4 hour shifts, roam the halls of the site making announcements and updates for the event staff. This is a fantastic, low-key opportunity to work on voice heraldry without the pressure of being in Court.
Royalty Room Guard — This is a stationary position, posted outside of the Royalty Room. Just as retaining is vital, so is protecting our Royal Family’s belongings!
Volunteer Point — Volunteer Point makes the event go, supporting the event staff in the event that there needs to be a last minute position filled.
Dishwashing — Help the feast steward by washing dishes. The later shift is during feast. You will be fed.
Kitchen Cleanup — Help during feast and after to clean and pack up the kitchen. You will be fed.
Site Cleanup — Assist with packing up the site.

Those interested in volunteering for one of these positions can sign up here: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2588567/false#/invitation

Still pondering what to get your favorite Child of the Dragon for the holidays? Pre-registration for Dragonshire Kingdom 12th Night and Festival of Maidens is still open until December 31st! Visit our Registration page for more info: http://dragonshire12thnight.carraigban.org/registration/

As a reminder, we have not one, but two hotels for our out of town guests to lay their heads at. If a hotel’s not your speed, our Crash Space Coordinator is working dilligently to partner with local SCA members for available space. You can check out our lodging options here: http://dragonshire12thnight.carraigban.org/lodging/

In Service,
The Kingdom Dragonshire 12th Night and Festival of Maidens Staff

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